1.1 Firstly, welcome to the Cutadvisor website, our aim is to help you find that perfect haircut in local area. This website has 3 main functions:

(a) To allow customers to post ratings and reviews for a salon, barber or hairdresser.

(b) To assist customers in gathering information regarding their local salon, barber or hairdresser

(c) To allow these businesses to submit their listing on the website which will then be available to be rated
and reviews by real people.

1.2 We may alter our change and policies on occasions, therefore we advise you regularly check these
these terms and policies to ensure you are up to date and happy with them. If you continue to use the
website after changes have been made, it will have been deemed you have checked the new terms
and policies.


2. Use of our website

2.1 By accessing the website, you are accepting the terms and policies. With said policies including all
methods of access to the website.

2.2 If, after reading the terms and policies of the website you find that If you do not accept the terms and
policies of this website, you should not access it.


3. Misuse of our website

3.1 You must not misuse our website by:

(a) Knowingly introduce viruses, trojans or any harmful malware or software which effects the use of any

(b) Gaining access or attempting to gain unauthorised access to this website server or database.

3.2 Any breach of these terms and policies will result in immediate reporting to the law enforcement
authorities, with cutadvisor co-operating fully with these authorities. In addition to this, your right to
to use this website will cease immediately.


4. Accessing our website

4.1 We reserve the right to change or withdraw our website at any time without notice. We are not liable if
our website is unavailable at any time.

4.2 Our website is updated on occasions, we therefore reserve the right make these changes without

4.3 The information on this website, including the comments, reviews and ratings are not advice for
customers. Cutadvisor is not responsible or liable for any event caused by the reliance on the
information on this website.

4.4 It is the customers responsibility to ensure they have up to date anti virus software when accessing
this website.

4.5 This is website is provided for users in the United Kingdom only despite it being available for access from outside the United Kingdom. Users from outside the United Kingdom access this website at their own risk. The English courts therefore have full juridistiction over any complaint or issue raised from this website or about this website.


5. Intellectual Property

5.1 You may view, use and print out any material or information from this website for personal, non-commercial use.

5.2 CutAdvisor reserves all the intellectual property rights for this website and the information on it.

5.3 We reserve all rights for the logo and domain www.cutadvisor.com.


6. Linking to this website

6.1 You may link to this website for any fair and legal circumstances which do not affect this website in any harmful or damaging ways.

6.2 No links to the website must be made if there is no association nor approval.

6.3 If you wish to make any links with this website for commercial purposes please contact info@cutadvisor.com.

6.4 We reserve the right to cancel and remove any links without notice and at any time.


7. Members

7.1 Anybody of the age 16 or above may create an account with CutAdvisor.

7.2 As a member of CutAdvisor you have the access to submit a business listing, rate and review the salons,barbers and hairdressers and the access to leave comments. All listings, reviews and comments are moderated prior to submission by a member of the administration team.

7.3 Any personal information uploaded to the website via the user will be held and used in accordance with our terms and conditions of the privacy and cookies policy.

7.4 We reserve the right to cancel any membership with this website if any breaches of the terms of use are made.

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